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Wellness Courses

bite-sized lessons with big healing impact

Full-course launches September 2022.

Start Self-Discovery 

Arrive at more clarity and confidence to grow personally and professionally. A non-therapy approach to Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness. Start asking the right questions and discovering real solutions in 4-weeks.

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Dive into this 2-Day Wellness Challenge anytime! 

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    Can I join at any time?

    Courses are scheduled experiences. You have to join and be approved ahead of the course start time.

    What will this experience cost?

    Courses vary between $55-$450. Please refer to each course for specifics.

    Do you offer payment plans?

    We only offer payment plans on specific course bundles.


    I'm nervous about privacy. How will you protect me?

    It’s true we work best when we feel safe. Safety is a group initiative! 

    All members in our micro-courses are asked to sign a privacy and confidentiality agreement. We have to work together to make this expectation possible.

    Who designs and facilitates your courses?

    Our staff is trained and experienced in human psychology, methods for motivation, and wellness best practices.

    Primary facilitator – Dr. Michelle Wiltshire is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 10 years of experience and a background in tech and design. She’s a serial entrepreneur who cannot be boxed into one role or idea. She took her personal and professional insights to design wellness courses that help you hyper-focus on holistic life success. She believes that by healing internally and offloading heavy burdens your goals will be quickly within reach. 

    She trains therapists to utilize her coursework both in therapy and in wellness courses. 

    Why join a micro-course?

    The most lucrative ideas and successful businesses will tell you that operating in a “Silo” is ineffective. When you join micro-course you set yourself up for a quick burst of wins! You reduce your anxiety by compartmentalizing your goals and you receive group support and accountability. These are short commitments designed to have big results.