Couples Journey

Healthy connection is your relationship’s key to success.

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Couples Journey<br />

You’re ready to overcome Broken Bonds

Hey Lovebirds! Relationships have their quirks, but when the dance becomes a bit tricky, Wasabi & Well is here to help you find the rhythm again. Our Couples Therapy is like a backstage pass to understanding, connection, and a love story that stands the test of time.
Our Approach
We get it – every relationship is unique, and so is our approach. Our Couples Therapy isn’t about fixing; it’s about understanding each other’s dance moves better. From effective communication strategies to navigating conflicts and rediscovering the spark, we’re here to make your love story even more epic.
What to Expect
  • Communication Tango: Master the art of communication with strategies that turn misunderstandings into moments of connection.

  • Intimacy Encore: Rediscover the magic that brought you together and create an encore performance of love and intimacy.

  • Love Tribe Connection: Join a community of couples who’ve faced their own dance challenges, rooted in the experiences of love and growth.
  • Call It What You Want: We are not here to label you. Our focus is on your specific experiences.
  • Future Self: There’s a future version of you waiting to happen. She’s in a healed headspace that allows her to navigate this biased world in newly empowered ways.
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Why Choose Wasabi & Well
  • Immediate Appointments: You can book a consultation with one of our team members with minimal wait time.
  • Holistic Healing: We believe in treating the mind, body, and soul for comprehensive well-being.
  • Cozy Care: Curl up in your comfiest clothes and talk to us from the comfort of your home. Our telehealth services are confidential, HIPAA compliant, and can be done from both your laptop and your phone.
  • Culturally Centered Approach: Our therapists understand the unique experiences of Black women and create a space that celebrates your identity.
  • Affordable Care: We accept multple insurance carriers, offer sliding scale rates, provide weekend wellness courses packed with therapeutic skills like emotional intelligence building, and with bundled packages you can use Affirm to cover costs.
Connecting to Longevity

In addition to therapy, we’re all about connecting you to tools that make your love story last. Whether it’s communication techniques, strategies for navigating life transitions together, or simply keeping the flame alive, we’re here to make your relationship the greatest love story ever told.

Take the First Step

Your journey to joy starts with a single step. Reach out for a confidential consultation and let’s embark on this healing journey together.