It’s time to give Black women a
cozy space to heal

I mean, do y’all think Beyoncé made Lemonade without a therapist in her corner?
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black women wellness services

We’re not the kind of

therapists who sit back. We’re the kind who lean in.

Take everything you think you know about therapy and throw it in the trash. Because we’re not the serious, distant, or faceless therapists you’ve seen in the movies. We’re playful, engaged, full-of-life Black women, and that’s our greatest strength.

. . . you’ll feel like you’re talking with a wise girlfriend

When you embark on a healing journey with us, you’ll feel like you’re talking with a wise girlfriend who sees you, hears you, and is relentlessly on your side. And that makes all the difference.

    We are ready to walk with you on your journey to the version of you from your wildest dreams.

    We can support you through life’s many ups and downs.


    50 minutes per session

    Because you’re facing so many barriers every day, and you deserve someone who gets it without you having to explain. Whether you’re struggling with your mood, anxiety, relationships, overwhelm, or a transition in your life, we’re here to help you walk through it with deep insight and more light. Let’s unearth what’s beneath the surface and take positive steps toward change.

    For Adults 18+, from $95-$150/session


    60 minutes per session

    True story via Dr. Michelle: I became a therapist because I wanted to “cure divorce” (Can you tell I came into this profession just a LITTLE bit ambitious?) Well, reality check — I didn’t find a cure, but I did find out that therapy can save relationships. This is the perspective you need to understand each other deeply and find peace in your partnership. Your love is worth it. Let’s dig in.

    From $120-$250/session

    Get ready to graduate
    from therapy feeling like
    the person you want to be.


    • Feel empowered to set healthy boundaries, say “no,” and stand up for yourself
    • Take off your rose-colored glasses and see your past and your relationships as they truly are
    • See the humor or the gray in what was once a painful experience so you can move forward
    • Be more reflective and less reactive in your day-to-day life
    • See where you’re holding yourself back and free yourself to limitless success
    • Unapologetically accept yourself as you are and live joyously as your whole self

    Words That Make Us Smile


    Do you only serve Black women?

    No! We serve all communitirs. We are too familiar with the gap in representation and quality healthcare. Our current initiative hyper-focuses on Black Wellness. While we primarily serve Black women, we support a beautifully diverse caseload of people from all backgrounds!

    And while we are being completely honest - successfully serving diverse populations is a testament to our vision of having big impact.

    What style of therapy do you use?

    Every therapist at Wasabi & Well is here to create a rapport with you. We are not going to take over your session, but we will not sit silently the whole time. Expect us to ask thought-provoking questions that challenge you to reflect. While every clinician is different, our styles generally include CBT, mindfulness training, and the Gottman method.

    What insurance do you accept?

    We currently accept the following:

    • AETNA
    • OXFORD
    • OSCAR
    • CIGNA
    • LYRA.

    We’re only able to accept Florida-based insurance plans. 

    Are you currently accepting new clients?

    Yes! If you’re interested in starting therapy with one of our counselors, reach out to us through our contact form.

    How many therapy sessions will I need?

    Our goal is to see you be able to implement the tools we share in your life on your own and eventually graduate from therapy. The time it takes will differ from person to person. Once you graduate, you can always come back to us during other life transitions for support in the future. In the words of my mentor: You don’t have to be in therapy forever, but I can be your therapist for life!

    What is the frequency of sessions?

    Starting therapy is about building a relationship, and to keep up momentum and accountability, we recommend weekly sessions. (Imagine you meet someone you want to date, and you only talk to them once every other week or less — it would kill the whole vibe!). But occasionally we offer biweekly sessions to reduce the financial burden of therapeutic work.

    If you're not ready for therapy - consider our self-development wellness course - learn the skills from therapy without the therapeutic relationship.

    Do you offer in-person or virtual sessions?

    Our “office” is 100% virtual!

    Can I choose which clinician I see?

    We can match you with a clinician based on our specialties and availability. If you have a specific clinician you’d like to work with, let us know!

    What if I'm not ready for therapy?

    We get it! Therapy is a huge committment. While it's worth it (we're a little bias) - the investmenet is also your time, financnes, and it comes with potential therapy side effects.

    Consider taking a wellness course - the time committment is a fraction of the time - approximatley 6-10 hours - and gain access to some of the same skills found in therapy.


    • Ask more reflective questions to understand your why.
    • Reduce negative inner voice to encrouage more self-love.
    • Shed the weight of anxious ambitous habits to reveal a more sustainable life.


    Wasabi & Well

    It’s up to us to decide we’re worth healing.

    Reach out to us to set up a free 15-minute phone consultation where we’ll match you with a therapist. You will feel so good saying –

    “I took a step forward today.”