You are 18+ and willing to explore areas of conflict to promote long lasting healing and growth.

How it works: 

  • We move at your desired pace.
  • Focus on goals that you choose.
  • Build coping mechanisms.
  • Create a corrective experience.
  • Cathartic emotional releases.
  • Interpersonal relationships.

Licensed: $150 | session
Supervised Intern: $65 | session


Mood and Anxiety

|You feel low energy or heightened energy that disrupts your baseline focus, motivation, and potential. Symptom details:

  • Repetitive and obtrusive thoughts
  • Negative inner dialogue
  • Sleep too much or too little
  • Loss of interest for prolonged periods
  • Crying spells or angry out bursts

Licensed: $150 | session
Supervised Intern: $65 | session

Self-Discovery Collective

We live and work in communities so why not receive support as a group?

Here are the benefits:

  • Feels less like therapy and more like a group of awesome people rallying behind you.
  • Hear multiple perspectives
  • An opportunity to practice socializing


Two individuals in a partnership regardless of status and interested in improving your dynamic.

Areas we can cover:

  • Communication challenges
  • Love Language confusion
  • Lingering resentment
  • Overlapping Values
  • Emotional Traumas

$225 / session

Consultation & Coaching

You need someone in your corner as you make power moves. Someone who can support your vision to level up your life!

Services offered:

  • Encourage radical thinking
  • Plan long-term goals
  • Scope short-terms steps
  • Organize thoughts and ideas
  • Develop professional identity
  • Balance ego
  • Reduce scarcity mindset

$99 | 30 minutes

*this is not therapy