Black healing is the journey.

But Black joy is the goal.

Wellness for Black women,
by Black women.
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black women wellness

You’re ready to conquer your Queen Renaissance.

Deep down, you know you’ve got the brains, the ambition, and the hustle to create a deeply fulfilling life. But right now, the path there feels . . . unreasonably hard. (Is it unreasonable, though, when you’re a Black woman in this society? Around here, it makes sense to us.)

You want to understand the complexity of your identity and improve your mental health
  • re-discover who you are and your why
  • understand the impact of trauma
  • decrease depression and anxiety
  • increase self-love and quality of life
  • confidence to show up authentically

You want true liberation.

Girl, here it is.

black women wellness


Be real — does “therapy” bring to mind a cold room, a couch, and a distant therapist who sits back and asks “…And how does that make you feel?” We’re more than happy to burst your bubble. This is going to feel like cozying up on a couch with a wise girlfriend and a mug of peppermint tea. Say it with us: healing can feel good.

black women community


Healing happens in a community that sees you. We are doers/anxious ambitious types who are learning to heal from the message of never being enough. Join a space that can hold you accountable for loving yourself more genuinely.

black women wellness courses


At Wasabi & Well, our mutual initiative is sustainable Black wellness services. And that means helping you to become your own mental health expert. So we hyperfocus on helping you to master therapy skills that you will leverage in your life like a boss. That’s why we created wellness courses and offer free webinars. So the next time you’re feeling anxious, depressed, lonely, hopeless or your emotions are intense know that got you. Dive into affordable ways to improve your mental health. This is self-help that sticks!

At Wasabi & Well

This is where

healing looks like

wholehearted Black joy.

Because we’re not just here to unpack your past. We’re here to help you step into a future that’s filled to the brim with peace, joy, and whimsy.

Welcome to deep reflection
& genuine connection
with women
who see you.

Black psychologist - Dr. Michelle Wiltshire

Hi there! I’m

Dr. Michelle Wiltshire

To all my BIPOC mamas, entrepreneurs, and couples — you deserve healing.

But on top of that, you deserve someone who can understand what you’re talking about without you having to explain. When you step into our comfy cozy virtual office, you meet real unfiltered Black women: the kind who laugh with you, challenge you, and help you take intentional steps toward the person you want to be.

Because you’re not going to therapy to be in therapy forever. You deserve to walk out of here saying “I know myself, and I got this.” That’s what we want for you, too.

Words That Make Us Smile

Ready to feel the magic in every moment when you show up as your whole self?

At Wasabi & Well

Come chill with us.

Of course, by “chill” we mean tell us your biggest struggles, dive into deep reflections, and experience life-changing breakthroughs. That’s what chilling means, right?