Finding Your Balance – 5 Empowering Ways to Create a Positive Daily Routine

Dr. Wiltshire

February 22, 2022

When life becomes hectic, it can be easy to become disconnected with our wellbeing. We can neglect self care in efforts to complete never-ending task lists, losing sight of our health in efforts to simply get through the chaos of the week. The result? Our personal wellness begins to suffer. 

If you are struggling to remember the last time you took time to reenergize, then you certainly aren’t alone. As women, we are conditioned and biologically hard-wired to overcome every challenge while often nurturing those around us before ourselves. The solution? Great planning!

Here are 5 empowering ways to create a healthier and more positive daily routine for yourself:

Create a workable schedule. 

An overly ambitious or complex plan will soon lead to demotivating frustration. Reflect on the life you lead and the changes you truly wish to implement. Consider your hierarchy of needs and plan accordingly ensuring you allow plenty of time for vital rest and recuperation.

Pay close attention to self-care. 

Used to skipping breakfast? Think again. The thoughts, foods and narratives we fill our minds and bodies with heavily dictate how well we ultimately feel. Fill your cupboards with foods that will nourish you and allow generous time for self-care practices such as exercise, sleep and laughter. 

Find movement that energizes you. 

There is no need to keep up activities that make you unhappy. Find healthy movement that you enjoy and you will soon enjoy greater energy levels. Try yoga, head outdoors for a walk, or simply create an achievable stretch routine that you follow before you get into bed at night. 

Document your process. 

Without becoming conscious of our progress we risk losing sight of our true reality and deeper emotions. New ideas and fresh opportunities of thought emerge when we stop to reflect. Film, write, or photograph the positive elements of your journey and progress. You might be surprised at how many positives soon you have to look back on.

Discovery your gratitude potential. 

Pursuing fresh goals and ambitions feels exciting and it can prove very rewarding. But true emotional balance does not rely on success. Take pauses throughout your day to acknowledge the gifts within your current reality. Doing so will highlight positives you may not have otherwise noticed. 

With any new change, it’s important to take stock as you progress. Check in with your emotions and energy levels at the end of each week. How are you feeling? What did you enjoy this week and what could be tweaked to work a little more effectively? Allow your intuition to guide you.

You deserve to enjoy positive wellbeing. We cannot prepare for the curve balls life may throw at us, but we can equip ourselves with the tools we need to overcome each and every challenge that comes our way. Take great care of yourself in order to empower yourself to take on the world. 

You’ve got this!

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