A Comprehensive Guide to Achieving Black Wellness

Dr. Wiltshire

September 21, 2023


Hi, I’m Dr. Michelle Wilshire, a licensed clinical psychologist and the proud founder of Wasabi and Well, an organization focused on black wellness. In this guide, I will be sharing valuable insights and tips to help you embark on your healing journey. I want to thank you for giving us a chance and congratulate you for taking this important step towards self-care. So, let’s get started!

Unleashing Your Potential through Healthy Habits

This free guide aims to empower you with healthy habits and a growth mindset. By adopting these habits and skills, you will develop a more detailed understanding of yourself and ask more effective questions, which will lead to personal growth and a more dynamic self-image. Additionally, by following through on the exercises in this guide, you will experience an increase in self-esteem, as building self-esteem is intrinsically linked to taking action and following through on commitments.

The Power of Radical Self-Honesty

In therapy, one of the secrets to achieving the healthiest version of yourself is practicing radical self-honesty. This means being honest with yourself and only yourself, without the need to lie to others or pretend to be someone you’re not. By embracing radical self-honesty, you can build a solid foundation for personal growth and authenticity. Remember, the key to living your truth and experiencing personal growth lies in being true to yourself.

The Role of Community in Black Wellness

Research has consistently shown that the healthiest version of ourselves is nurtured within a supportive community. While this guide is available to anyone, it is primarily designed with black women in mind. We recognize the importance of community and invite you to join our growing network of individuals working towards holistic wellness. Together, we can create a space where we support and uplift each other during our worst hours, ensuring that no one walks alone on their healing journey.

A Guide Packed with Gems

This guide is a treasure trove of valuable resources. It offers practical advice and strategies to help you achieve your wellness goals. From establishing healthy habits to setting SMART goals, each page contains actionable steps towards your overall well-being. The guide encourages you to start with small, achievable goals, building on them to create long-lasting positive patterns. By tracking your progress daily, you can hold yourself accountable and celebrate each successful step towards your goals.

The Itty Bitty Steps Method

To facilitate your journey, this guide introduces the “Itty Bitty Steps Method.” By breaking down your goals into smaller, manageable steps, you can avoid feeling overwhelmed and increase your chances of success. Start by identifying your existing healthy habits and then list the inconsistent habits or habits you aspire to have. By selecting one or two of these habits as starting points, you can begin your transformation. For example, committing to staying hydrated can have cascading effects on your skin, energy, and self-confidence.

Creating SMART Goals

SMART goals serve as a roadmap to success. This guide walks you through creating SMART goals by making them specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. For instance, setting a goal to drink 64oz of water daily within the next two months by gradually increasing your intake each week is a SMART goal. By articulating your goals clearly and attaching a timeline to them, you set yourself up for success and enable progress tracking.

Embracing Imperfection and Celebrating Progress

It’s important to remember that perfection is not the goal. Missing a day or slipping up on your habits does not negate the progress you have made. Instead, view these instances as learning opportunities and opportunities for growth. The key is to maintain momentum and continue moving forward. With time, your brain will develop new neural connections, making your desired habits more automatic and enhancing your chances of long-term success.

The Power of Community Support

Joining a community of like-minded individuals can significantly amplify your wellness journey. When faced with challenges, having a supportive network to lean on can make a world of difference. In our growing community, you will find others who are committed to their own holistic well-being. Together, you can share experiences, offer guidance, and provide valuable support. Whether it’s a friendly conversation or a joint activity, connecting with others fosters a sense of belonging and accelerates personal growth.

Taking It to the Next Level with Courses

For those seeking additional guidance and hands-on support, we offer live courses led by experienced professionals. These courses provide six hours of specialized instruction, enabling you to deepen your understanding of wellness principles and tailor them to your unique journey. With the combination of the free guide, community support, and a live course, you can develop a robust toolkit to navigate your healing journey effectively.


In conclusion, embarking on a healing journey towards black wellness is a courageous and transformative endeavor. This comprehensive guide, packed with insightful exercises, practical tips, and community support, equips you with the necessary tools to succeed. Remember that progress, not perfection, is the aim. By celebrating each step forward and staying committed to your goals, you will unlock your true potential and live your best life. I wish you the best on your healing journey and look forward to supporting you along the way.

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