5 Habits of Self-Love You Need to Start Right Now

Dr. Wiltshire

February 1, 2022

With so many stressful things happening in the world today, self-love has never been a more essential part of women’s wellness. Self-love is so much more than just a buzzword. It’s a way of life. When fostered, self-compassion has so many benefits, but figuring out how to actually make it a way of life can be tricky. Here are five simple ways you can start showing yourself more love today.

Remind Yourself Your Value Isn’t Defined by Looks

We all have days where we find ourselves disappointed when we look in the mirror. For some of us, there are so-called flaws that our eyes are quickly drawn to. It’s okay to try to cover your dark circles with concealer and touch up your gray roots if it makes you feel more comfortable and confident with your body. However, no matter what you wear or look like, it’s vital to remember your appearance has no effect on your value. If you see a new pimple pop up or gain a few pounds, don’t dwell on it. It doesn’t change your worth or any part of yourself except for your appearance.

Dispel Toxic People and Things

Your happiness is worth protecting. If there are people and things in your life that you know are directly leading to you being a more unhappy person, you can get rid of them. You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone. If people you used to call friends are making you feel bad about yourself or if certain activities are only bringing you down, cut ties with them and replace them with people and things that make you more fulfilled.

Start Saying “No”

In the same way, it’s important to not stretch yourself too thin. If there are events you don’t want to attend, commitments you don’t want to make, and the like, you don’t have to. Your time and energy are finite resources. Don’t give them out when you don’t want to. Protect them by creating boundaries for yourself and saying “no” to things when you need to.

Celebrate Yourself

Many people, women especially, are in the habit of being too hard on themselves after making a mistake or having an endeavor fail. While learning from our mistakes is important, the opposite side of the coin—celebrating our wins—is just as important and a form of self-love. When you do something you’re proud of whether big or small, don’t just forget about it and move on. Pause to revel in the excitement of your accomplishments and rejoice in the journey you took to get there!

Talk to Yourself Like a Friend 

Most women have the bad habit of speaking more kindly and gently to their friends than to themselves. This isn’t productive. While you don’t have to literally talk to yourself like a friend, make a habit of better self-talk, whether that’s in your head or out loud when you look in the mirror every day. Encourage yourself and remind yourself of how awesome you are!

So go and love yourself! You’ll reap so many rewards and become a happier, more confident version of yourself. Make sure to also share this blog with any women in your life you think could also use a little more self-compassion.


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